5 Reel Slots vs 3 Reel Slots

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Slot machines come in many varieties, but traditionally they had three reels, which is why you’ve probably heard of the “classic 3-reel slot machine.” Nowadays many more slot machines have five reels instead of three. You’ll still find the 3-reel slots, but they are becoming less common and many casinos are slowly phasing them out (though they’ll never go away completely).

This difference is also seen with iPad slots, because the slots on offer generally mirror the types of games found in normal online casinos, as well as physical casinos. So what’s the difference between 5-reel slots and 3-reel slots?

In terms of game play, one of the major differences is that there are more permutations available with 5 reel slot games. This means that theoretically if you did not change any of the rules of the game when you introduced more reels, it would be tougher to get a winning combination since more combinations would be possible. That’s why 5-reel slot machines are more versatile, and the rules can be adjusted by allowing for more winning combinations.

For example, you could still theoretically win something if you had three symbols line up, but you’d win less than if you had all 5 line up. Since the odds are against you with the 5 symbols, that also means the payout if all 5 symbols lie up could be much higher than was possible with 3-reel slot machines.

5-reel slots appeal to the desire for “more”, which people will always have. More reels, more paylines, more combinations, more possibilities. Before you play any slot machine, have a look at the pay table and find out what combinations you need to win money or enter bonus rounds and what the corresponding odds of winning are. There is endless variation with online slots, so you always need to check to really understand the benefits and drawbacks of a particular slot machine.

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