Bankroll Management for iPad Slots

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Every game in the casino requires you to cast your fate to the winds and rely on Lady Luck, but not every game requires you to rely almost exclusively on it. And that’s just as true for iPad casinos as well as physical casinos.

For example, games like blackjack and poker all require a fair amount of skill as well as luck to win. Slots on the other hand involve luck to an exclusive degree in many cases. Even iPad slots with bonus rounds usually only involve a minimal degree of skill.

Many people try to come up with ways that they can manipulate the system and increase their odds of winning, but the first thing you can do to get more out of slot machines is to acknowledge that there is no way for you to improve the odds. All you can do is make your bankroll last as long as possible.

How do you make your money go further so you can play longer? The key is money management. When you play iPad slots, you should do so conservatively. While being able to play longer won’t actually increase your odds of winning (and it’s important that you understand that), it will certainly give you a chance to enjoy more time at the casino.

To manage your bankroll effectively, begin by reading the payout table of the iPad slot game you’re planning on playing. On the table you’ll be able to view the winning combinations that you need, as well as details such as which paylines they need to appear on.

The detail which you’re looking for is what coin size you need to play in order to win the jackpot. Some games don’t restrict the coin size at all—for these you can play smaller coin sizes and still win big. Many slots won’t award you the jackpot unless you play the maximum coin size, even if all the symbols line up on the right paylines.

With games which demand the maximum coin size, you’re basically wasting your money if you play a smaller coin size. On the other hand, if you play an iPad slot that demands the maximum and that runs you through your bankroll in a few spins, the fun is over way too fast.

So if you calculate that you can’t afford to play a slot machine, simply move on to another game at the iPad casino. Once you find one which doesn’t set a minimum on coin size or has a maximum coin size which you can afford, then you’ll have discovered a slot game that optimises your bankroll spend.

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