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A lot of iPad slots use free spins as a way to give the player more value. On the most basic level, free spin iPad slots give the player a chance at getting a prize without wagering anything, but they can also add some strategic depth to the games.

Free spins are often worth more than normal spins because sometimes they will include a multiplier that boosts the value of any wins that you receive. They can also be worth more because of special stipulations like improved sets of symbols or static wilds that increase the chances of winning.

One great example of a free spins bonus is in the super-popular iPad slot Thunderstruck. Thunderstruck features a Ram scatter symbol that can be used to trigger a set of free spins. If you get three of more of the Ram symbol anywhere on the board, then you’ll get a set of free spins. These free spins are worth more than normal spins because you will get a 3x multiplier on all of your winnings. During your free spins, your wager will be set as the same as the wager on the spin that awarded you the bonus spins.

Free spins have the same effect on a game’s payout rate as a random bonus prize, but they’re more interactive and more fun. Since you get the same amount of value as a random bonus prize, it makes sense that players would prefer online slots with free spins instead since it provides more entertainment value.

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