iPad Slot Machine Glossary

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The hold of a slot is what the house advantage is when playing that slot. A typical hold on a slot machine is three to five percent.

Maximum Bet

The most money you can bet on a single spin of a slot is the maximum bet.


A multiplier is a bonus setting that multiplies your winnings by some constant number. Many bonus games have multipliers to make the game more exciting.


Each payline is a set of areas on the reels from left to right that are used to determine if you win a prize. Classic-style iPad slots such as Major Millions only have one or three paylines, while others such as Mega Moolah have many times more.

Payout Table

The list of all of the prizes you can win and which symbols you need to hit to win them is the payout table.

Progressive Jackpot

A progressive jackpot is a special jackpot that you can win by fulfilling some special requirement within the game. These iPad progressive jackpots grow larger continuously based on the contributions of multiple players, until there is a winner.


The vertical wheels showing different symbols that spin are the reels. The most common numbers of reels for a slot to have are three or five.

Scatter Symbol

A scatter symbol is a special symbol that allows you to win based on how many show up on any reel. You can win with scatter symbols regardless of the paylines they are located on.


The symbols are the different pictures used as a part of the game to decide whether you have won or not. The most common symbols are cherries and bars.

Wild Symbol

Some iPad slots have wild symbols that can take the place of any other symbol to make it easier for you to win prizes. Some games also have wild symbols that offer a multiplier to make your wins even bigger.

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