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When it comes to iPad slots, there are some tips which may help you to make your money go further. These iPad slots tips mostly involve the selection of which iPad slots to play, and how you’ll use them.

Before playing any iPad slot, have a look at the payout table. Don’t just compare the payout table to that of other slot machines, but also see what kind of variation there is for that single machine. Some slots will offer higher slot payout percentages for your first bet than they will for your subsequent bets, for example. These games offer you diminishing potential returns, which means that after your first bet, you’d be better off with another slots.

Other iPad slots increase the potential return for each new bet. Technically your odds aren’t really improving on these machines (since they’re random), but your risk/reward ratio is getting better on each bet. So if you’re wondering how to win at iPad slots, it can pay to keep these tips in mind.

If you are trying to score a jackpot, make sure you read what conditions you need to meet to be eligible for the jackpot. Usually you need to place the maximum bet, and generally on a particular payline. Just imagine “winning” the jackpot only to realize you won’t get the money because you didn’t bet the right amount on the right payline! The maximum bet often represents a better risk/reward ratio on many machines. If that’s a large amount though (such as a full unit of currency), consider that you won’t get a lot of spins before you run out of money. In that case it’s usually better to move on to an iPad slot that you can afford.

One final tip is to join a slots club. Many iPad casinos offer slot rewards programs which will give you points that you can later convert to credits, the more you play their games.

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