Bingo Bonanza for iPad

If you’re a bingo fan, you’re sure to love Bingo Bonanza for iPad. With easy gameplay and smooth graphics and sound, Bingo Bonanza is the perfect iPad bingo experience. Start playing Bingo Bonanza now.

Bingo Bonanza

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Bingo Bonanza is a fun and original game with tons of replay value. The play of the Bingo Bonanza for iPad is as follows. First, you’ll select a stake to bet for the next round. This can be anywhere from 0.50 to 10 units. Next, you’ll hit the play button and watch as six different balls fall onto your screen. These balls have different numbers on them which correspond to different prizes you can win in the game. If you get two balls for the same prize, then you get the payout amount for that prize.

There are eight different prizes available on the Bingo Bonanza for iPad payout table. The lowest prizes, which are won the most often, are a 1x payout, a 2x payout, a 5x payout, and a 10x payout. These prizes are very similar to the lower-tier prizes available on the vast majority of online slots and other games, and they represent multiples of your original bet. For example, if you bet 2 EUR and win a 5x payout, then your prize is 10 EUR.

The big prizes in Bingo Bonanza for iPad are what make the game really exciting since you’re almost guaranteed to get some of the balls needed for the biggest prizes on each play. There are prizes available that give a 40x payout, a 250x payout, a 5000x payout, and the monster 20000x payout jackpot. You don’t have to play for very long to see some of the 5000x and 20000x payout balls in circulation, but the trick is to try to get two of the same ball on a single play.

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