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What Is Mobile Bingo and Bingo App?

Bingo could be described as the game of chance where the players are expected to match some numbers. They are lined out on 5x5 cards and must be matched with the numbers that are drawn by the host in a random form. With the arrival of the smartphones that can access the internet, many people started enjoying the games on mobile. Now, in the bid to save them the stress of having to search for the games through a browser, the bingo mobile apps were created. This is to allow people to enjoy their games on the move or when they are in their homes. So, the mobile bingo includes the games you can enjoy on your smartphones, tablets, smart watches, and other mobile devices.

The bingo mobile app is a program that is designed to run on a mobile device, tablet or smart watch, while the PC version runs on the computer. The mobile applications are downloaded on the mobile devices and games are played directly from them. Each of the casinos designs specific software for their customers. In order to capture all the mobile users, there are bingo apps for iPhone and bingo apps for Android. All you need to do is choose the one that is compatible with your device and download it.

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How to Use Bingo App on Android and iPhone

Bingo App - win real money

You have to download the bingo mobile app before you can access games on your mobile device. But the good news is that it takes only a few minutes for you to complete the process. Those who make use of iOS devices should go to the iTunes store and search for the application they need. Those who enjoy games through Android devices can get theirs through Google search or links. The download process is very simple for both operating systems. All you need to do is search by typing the name of the application or use the categories and prompts.

When you locate the needed mobile bingo app, click on the free download, and it will see you through the process. When it is fully downloaded, it will also bring out a prompt for installation. Click on it and it will install, and you will be ready to enjoy your games. But you have to register before that. During the registration for real money, you may be asked to input your credit or debit card details. With this, your account will be verified.

When you are done, deposit some money and enjoy the real money games. You can always open your application, sign in, and enjoy games after the download. On the bingo apps for Android and the bingo apps for iPhone, you can select from an avalanche of games. You can also enjoy amazing features, access the customer support of the casino and enjoy bonuses.

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The Most Popular Bingo Games

90 Ball Bingo

This is one of the popular games you will enjoy on almost every bingo app. They are very popular in the UK and you can only play them with tickets. They come in six stripes, with 15 numbers that are distributed across three boxes. There are five numbers in each of the rows in the boxes, making it 90 numbers in total. It still involves crossing the numbers called by the host, and the player who marks five numbers in a single ticket wins.

Speed Bingo

This is a fast-paced game available in free play and real money modes. Here, you can choose to play with 5 or 3 numbered cards. Gaming chips are also used to play this fast game. Though this is like the traditional game, it is faster, and because of the increased speed, it will only take about 30 seconds to complete a game. It’s also called a 30-ball game.

Bingo Blitz

This involves an arcade style gameplay. The game can be played on the free and real money bingo apps, and it allows players to enjoy either the game in solo or in teams. Here, you win points and coins while playing.

Diamond Bingo

This is another game variation that people can enjoy with their bingo apps for Android and iPhone. Here, you reveal 24 bingo numbers by scratching the callers’ card area and also scratch to reveal the numbers written on the 4 play cards. You win by matching all numbers in one vertical, horizontal or four corner lines.

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Popular Bingo Apps from Top Casinos

Ladbrokes Bingo App

This is the newest bingo app for Android and iPhone. It comes very slick, with the virtual fusion where chat is also integrated into the gaming app. There are many game variations and lots of promotional offers to enjoy. You are also allowed to purchase cards for games in advance.

William Hill Bingo App

This bingo app offers numerous games in a variety of rooms. It is both for Android and iOS and there are lots of loyalty bonuses. It is designed to be elegant and user-friendly, and there will be a location confirmation prompt when you open it for the first time.

Paddy Power Bingo App

This bingo app is available for Android and iOS users. It offers a great welcome bonus, the lobby has the traditional green colors and it is easy to navigate. There are loads of games of different variations on offer here, and the app is intuitive.

Betfair Bingo App

This offers all the games you would love to enjoy, with an access to private parties in the VIP rooms. There are lots of promotions on offer here, and you can pre-purchase tickets for the games. This bingo app is elegant, easy to use, and very strong.

32red Bingo App

With this, you will enjoy amazing games at your fingertips. When you download and sign up on this bingo app, you enjoy a free bonus. There are jackpots on offer and you can enjoy all kinds of games on this user-friendly app.

888 Bingo App

This bingo app comes with a lush red color scheme that can get to the ladies. There are lots of loyalty and bonus programs. It is very easy to use and it offers all the games you may want to play.

Coral Bingo App

This bingo app offers fantastic mobile gaming on Android and iPhone. There are great features in the rooms and you can play two games at the same time. You can also deposit and withdraw from here.